Vision Software for Any Software

Vision Software for Any Software

Vision software

Cognex Corp. (, the designer, developer and manufacturer of machine vision sensors and systems, has now made its machine vision software,VisionPro 5.0, able to be used with any camera or image source.

The acquisition software in VisionPro provides pre-configured, tightly integrated acquisition support for the complete range of industrial cameras and video formats. This allows cost-effective image acquisition using GigE Vision, FireWire, Camera Link, high-speed analog, or any other image source.

VisionPro’s “QuickBuild” application development capabilities are designed to make it possible for applications to be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Configuring acquisition tools, defining vision tasks, and making pass/fail decisions can be done without programming.

Advanced “vision power tools” tools such as PatMax, PatInspect, PatFlex, IDMax, and OCVMax, accurately gauge, guide, identify and inspect parts with reliable and repeatable results, despite variations in part appearance due to the manufacturing process.

A trial version of VisionPro 5.0 is available for download from the Cognex website.

Anyone who downloads the trial software will be eligible for special pricing until the end of June on a low cost development starter kit that contains the full range of vision tools. For deployment systems, Cognex said it is offering a range of packages at competitive price/ performance levels.

“Broad camera support, acquisition independence and an entry-level price point give system integrators, machine builders and OEMs three more reasons to choose VisionPro,” Marilyn Matz, senior vice president for the Congnex Vision Software Business Unit, said.

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