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New Aerospace Application Library From NCCS

New Aerospace Application Library From NCCS

5-axis machining
5-axis machining of an airframe part while applying
a special application found in the Aerospace Application
Library (AAL) within NCL

NCCS (, the developer of NCL multi-axis machining software for the aerospace, automotive and turbo machinery industry, has enhanced its Aerospace Application Library (AAL) to aid the user in the manufacture of aerospace structural components.

The Aerospace Application Library AAL includes processes, tools, and routines that facilitate the machining of structural aerospace parts. Examples include the automated machining of features such as flange tops, recessed pockets, closed angled pockets, and holes.

Automated modeling and machining of tooling geometry, such as ‘snap tabs’; counter bores; and locating holes, is also included. This application is supposed to help speed up the programming of such complicated parts thereby allowing the user to be more productive.

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