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GibbsCAM Modules: A Quick Reference

GibbsCAM Modules: A Quick Reference

GibbsCam Module

All of the following modules are included in every copy of GibbsCAM, however users can access only those modules that they have paid for.

Production Milling: Provides simple 2-axis through 3-axis machining of wireframe geometry with full functionality for face milling, coutouring, pocketing, tapping, boring and drilling.

Production Turning: Provides 2-axis machining of wireframe geometry with full functionality for contouring, automatic roughing, plunge roughing, drilling, threading and tapping. Advanced CS (Coordinate Systems): An incremental option for production milling or production turning that supports defining local coordinate systems in any orientation or location in addition to the default standard primary plane coordinate system.

Rotary Milling: An incremental option for production milling for use with rotary tables.

4-Axis: Provides control of 4-axis rotary machining.

5-Axis: Provides support for 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Solids Import: An entry-level module for solids-based machining.

2.5D Solids: A mid-level solids-based machining module that supports directly machining 2.5D solids.

SolidSurfacer: The most comprehensive GibbsCAM solids-based machining capabilities that provide advanced surface/solids modeling functionality and 3-axis multi-surface and solids machining. Gibbs recommends this module for machining mold cavities, cores, dies, aerospace, medical and automotive components.

MTM (Multi-Task Machining): Supports the creation of programs for complex multi-turret, multi-spindle multitasking machine tools.

TMS (Tombstone Management System): Provides an environment designed specifically for programming multiple parts fixtured on tombstones.

Machine Simulation: An extension of Gibbs- CAM’s integrated cut part rendering visualization/ verification capability.

Wire-EDM: For programming 2-axis through 4-axis Wire-EDM machines.

Data Exchange: Numerous data exchange modules that support industry standard and proprietary formats.

ProAXYZ Suite for 5-Axis: Offers a wide range of 5-axis capabilities such as surface flow, swarf cutting, drilling, pocketing and contouring.

Productivity+: A Renishaw-developed module to allow seamless integration of probing sequences to be specified and verified using the GibbsCAM graphical environment.

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