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FeatureCAM 2009 to be Unveiled at IMTS 2008

FeatureCAM 2009 to be Unveiled at IMTS 2008

Delcam ( will launch the new version of its FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system at IMTS 2008. FeatureCAM 2009 incorporates enhancements across its complete range of functionality, reflecting the increased investment in product development following Delcam’s acquisition of the software in 2005.

Delcam said an important area for the new release is increased support for mill-turn equipment. These machines are becoming more popular because of their ability to complete parts in a single setup on one machine instead of having to use multiple setups on two or more different pieces of equipment. FeatureCAM development has focused on support for the more complex machines, those featuring multiple turrets and/ or multiple spindles. Additional postprocessors for these types of machines have also been introduced.

Work has also continued on extending the range of five-axis options introduced in FeatureCAM 2008. The software now supports both positional and continuous fiveaxis operation, five-axis trimming and five-axis drilling. All these options allow productivity to be improved by enabling parts to be produced in one or two setups that would otherwise require multiple setups and/or special fixturing.

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