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Another Way to Create Product Documentation From 3D Designs

Another Way to Create Product Documentation From 3D Designs

3D designs

QuadriSpace Corp. (, a provider of product documentation and communication solutions, has developed software that reuses 3D design information for documentation and presentation throughout the business process.

The latest release of the company’s software, QuadriSpace 2008, adopts a modern ribboninspired user interface and 3D tools that simplify the creation of manufacturing work instructions and technical illustrations.

QuadriSpace said that early adopters of the software report 80 percent reduction in time to create illustrations from 3D model data, 30 percent reduction in effort to create and maintain manufacturing work instructions and 88 percent improvement in the creation of illustrated parts catalogs.

“The enhanced features of 2008 provide the easeof- use required for such a powerful and advanced software tool, so users have an extremely short learning curve and are able to create the most robust 3D documents”, Brian Roberts, president of QuadriSpace, said.

QuadriSpace 2008 features a new task-oriented user interface similar to Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon and matches typical work flows with enhanced features.

The integrated 3D, authoring and publishing tools now offer new capabilities, including large model management, multiple model mockups, advanced parts management and explode tools. An improved ability to customize interactive tables for Bills of Materials and parts lists supports broad manufacturing and catalog needs.

Publishing capabilities are expanded to include vector graphics formats, XML DITA, Microsoft Word, RTF, and HTML while upgrading to 3D PDF 8.0.

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