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Six-Jaw Power Chucks

Six-Jaw Power Chucks


Rota NCR six-jaw power chucks from Schunk ( are a standard solution for the clamping of thin-walled and easily deformed components.

With standardized sizes of the Rota NCR in diameters to 1,200 mm, the products offer precision workpiece clamping with large lathe chucks. The jaw interface is compatible with Schunk’s largest program of chuck jaws. Rota NCR chucks are available in 165-mm, 200-mm, 250-mm, 315-mm, 400-mm, 500-mm, 630-mm, 800-mm, 1,000-mm and 1,200-mm sizes.

These large chucks can be used on almost all known lathes.

In addition, extremely small chips, dust or huge quantities of coolant, as produced during the machining of gray cast iron, do not bother these lathe chucks.

The Rota NCR consists of a central chuck piston with three inner pendulums positioned at 120 degrees. Each pendulum is connected to two base jaws.

The result is that the workpiece is centered between six contact points that can be adjusted in pairs. The clamping forces are aligned toward the chuck center.

Thus, even premachined parts can be centered without deformation of the workpiece.

This arrangement permits maximum roundness of workpieces with conventional jaw clamping. The Rota NCR also is available with centrifugal force compensation. A standard clamping cylinder is sufficient to actuate the lathe chuck.

For certain applications, all six chuck jaws can be moved simultaneously and concentrically. Clamping is achieved by fastening the attachment screw in the piston.

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