Plastic Domes Protect Tools

New clear plastic domes from Huot Manufacturing ( protect valuable CNC tooling from damage.

The covers keep tooling safe from nicks, marring and dings that can occur when retrieving or storing tooling. Priced at $11.99 per cover, the plastic domes provide economic protection for expensive tooling. The covers keep staged tooling clean and ready for fast set-up.

Readily visible through the clear plastic, it is easy to see the tool required. The covers can also be written on with a dry erase marker for additional labeling identification. When reaching in to retrieve tooling, the safety covers protect workers arms from being cut to minimize time and costs from accidental injuries.

The new clear safety tooling covers are built for use with many models of Huot’s ToolScoot. They are available in clear styles EDP#14001 for tapers 30, 35, 40 or HSK 63A and EDP# 14016 for tapers 45, 50 or HSK 100A. The covers are held in place with keyhole slots molded in to their bases and shoulder bolts installed on the ToolScoot. A simple twist releases the covers for tooling retrieving, while another twist locks the covers in place.

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