Environmentally Friendly Cutting Oils

Environmentally Friendly Cutting Oils

Cutting oils

Houghton International (www.houghtonintl.com) has developed a series of neat cutting oils in response to the growing need for metalworking facilities to comply with environmental guidelines and to promote cleaner machining operations.

The Cut-Max V500 series of metalworking oils are vegetable based and are free of mineral oil and chlorinated additives.

The company said its Cut-Max V500 cutting oils resist oxidation and provide high natural lubricity to extend the life of cutting tools. Their low viscosity helps maintain fluid longer and reduces dragout on swarf. Additionally, these oils have higher flash points than traditional cutting oils and produce less mist and fumes, reducing the risk of fire and improving worker safety.

Houghton said that using these oils can eliminate the need for expensive carbon dioxide fire blanket equipment that often is required when using lower flash point mineral oils.

Cut-Max V500 products are designed for applications that require Environmentally friendly cutting oils a high level of tooling performance or for applications in which leaks and losses occur in the manufacturing environment, such as honing and superfinishing; grinding, including CBN and light machining; cast iron gun drilling; general machining, including turned parts; and gear machining.

Houghton also offers a compatible range of vegetable-based hydraulic and slideway oils for customers who want to convert their machine shops to renewable vegetable-based alternatives.

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