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Schunk Tendo Platinum toolholder Schunk
The Schunk Tendo Platinum toolholder for milling, drilling, and reaming is made of high-grade tool steel and finished with a single-cycle brazing and hardening process that allows for rigid and durable tool clamping. With vibration dampening and run-out accuracy of less than 0.003 mm (0.0001 in.) at 2.5X clamping diameter, the Tendo Platinum works with the machine spindle and cutting tools to reduce wear and damage.

Cutting Tool Demand Shows Manufacturing Expansion

U.S. manufacturers purchased $196.23 million worth of cutting tools during August, +14.8% over July, +11.6% year/year, and +7.7% YTD.

U.S. manufacturers purchased $196.23 million worth of cutting tools during August, a 14.8% rise over July’s result and 11.6% more than the August 2016 consumption total. The figures portray the steady improvement in domestic manufacturing activity, a reading that is even more evident in the year-to-date total, $1.462 billion for January-August, which is 7.7% higher than last year’s eight-month total.

Cutting tools are one of the principle consumable products for manufacturers — machine shops and other. Thus, consumption of cutting tools presents a quantifiable index to the current state of manufacturing activity, comparable to durable goods shipments.  


The Cutting Tool Market Report summarizes U.S. manufacturers’ monthly consumption of cutting tools, which are offered as “a primary consumable in the manufacturing process,” and thus an indicator of U.S. manufacturing activity, comparable to Manufacturers’ Durable Goods Shipments.

Each month the U.S. Cutting Tool Institute (USCTI) and AMT – the Association for Manufacturing Technology. The Cutting Tool Market Report (CTMR) compiles data supplied by participating companies, who represent the majority of the U.S. market for cutting tools.

The sustained expansion of domestic manufacturing is also evident in the AMT’s U.S. Machine Tool Orders report, which is a leading indicator of manufacturing activity by tracking the capital investments made by U.S. manufacturers.

“The U.S. cutting tool market continues to benefit from a growing domestic economy. 2017 to 2016 comparisons are all positive,” stated USCTI president Steve Stokey. “Current indicators such as the PMI, industrial production, and consumer confidence point to continued positive growth for the industry as we move into 2018.”

Correction: November 01, 2017
The graphic comparing cutting tool consumption with durable goods purchases has been replaced with a revised version, provided by U.S. Cutting Tool Institute and AMT.
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