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Capto Versatility, Time-Savings for Precision Boring Tools

July 5, 2014
Walter offering adaptors for its counterboring and precision boring tooling systems Twin-insert models Five coupling sizes Solid-carbide and single-insert boring tools
Walter BoringMEDIUM twin insert boring tool for machining diameters up to 15 mm with cartridges and Walter Capto™ connection.

Tooling technology developer Walter reports it is offering counterboring and precision boring tools with connections for Walter Capto adaptors. Increasingly, the versatility and time-savings available with the Capto interface is being used on lathes, machining centers and multi-tasking machines -- allowing those machines to perform multiple processes with only a single tooling interface.

Walter PrecisionMINI single-edged precision boring tool for machining diameters up to 45.5 MM with boring bar and Walter Capto™ connection.

Now, by offering connections to its Walter Capto adaptors in addition to its NCT and ScrewFit connections, Walter aims to bring Capto technology’s benefits to its line of counterboring and precision boring tools. The connections are available in five coupling sizes, allowing them to be used on both small and large machines.

Walter boring tools comprise twin-insert models with medium and maxi versions for holes of 0.787-25.17 in. (20-640 mm). This stable and compact boring system has an internal coolant supply and is suitable for symmetrically or radially displaced roughing operations.

Walter precision boring tools include solid-carbide and single-insert tools with mini, medium and maxi versions for holes of 0.787-25.17 in. (2-640 mm). Depending on the hole diameter, either boring-bar, cartridge or bridge constructions made of aluminum are used.

Walter PrecisionDIGITAL  are single-edged precision boring tools for the precise holes with a diameter of 0.118 to 4.882 in. (3-124 mm). Their optoelectronic encoder makes it possible to read micron-precise digital results. For holes with a diameter up to 0.39 in. (10 mm), solid-carbide boring bars are available; for large diameters, bridges are available.

The tool can be used up to a speed of 16,000 rpm.

Users of the Capto variants of this system will have a range of additional advantages: The interface is clamped using a conical polygon in accordance with ISO 26623, with a small cone angle. This creates a high clamping force and a good support face. The force is evenly distributed around the circumference of the polygon. The connection is completely backlash-free, is self-centering and does not need any special locking device.

Also, the Capto adaptor is shorter and therefore more resistant to bending than other adaptors, and the tendency to vibrate is correspondingly lower. This is especially useful in precision boring with its requirement for higher quality.

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