Flexible Modular Milling System

Sept. 22, 2011
Walter series includes spade-type changeable heads, graphite milling tools, and end mills
The Walter Prototyp ConeFit double-edge, pressed tools are effective for large-chip clearance.

Walter USA LLC has added several new products to its Walter Prototyp ConeFit­ modular solid carbide milling system, notably spade-type changeable cutting heads. Functioning like inserts, these compression-molded cutting heads are described as “spades” because of their double-edged shape. They are especially well suited for copy and plunge milling, chamfering, centering and spot-facing holes, or for virtually any application that calls for clearing large chips. They are effective for applications that require only two cutting edges, or for use with two-flute cutters.

Also new to the ConeFit line are products specially developed for graphite machining. Walter Prototyp is the only supplier currently offering a changeable head milling system for graphite machining, and its PCD-coated N50 variants are available as four-flute cutters with corner radius and as a double-edged, ball-nose end mills.

The third addition to the ConeFit system is the Proto•max­ST high-performance end mill for maximum metal removal during roughing and finishing of steel, including stainless. A four-flute variant — with and without corner radius — is also available with a ConeFit interface.

As an overall tooling system ConeFit combines a VHM changeable milling head with a steel toolholder. However, VHM toolholders and mono-block adaptors with HSK63, SK40 or Capto C5 and C6 are available, too. The cone-shaped adapter consists of a precision cone with a patented, self-centering thread. Diameters range from 3/8 to 1 in. (10-25 mm.) The tooling system is universal and can be used for virtually any machining application.

Walter USA offers a numerous cutting tools for milling, drilling, turning, boring, and specialized tooling for applications through its Walter Valenite, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp brands. It provides multi-level service programs through the Walter Multiply brand.

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