Angle head slims down

Angle head slims down

angle head

The reduced body of the Slender Drive angle head for angular operations inside small bores delivers a high degree of flexibility to machine components by allowing 90-degree cutting inside bore diameters as small as 1.181 in.

Offered by BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc., the Slender Drive comes in either CAT40/50 or BT40/50 tapers, all standard with the BIG-Plus dualcontact interface. The head combines operations on one machine to eliminate potential errors created by multiple setups, and shops can easily change cutter angles without having to reposition workpieces.

Users can choose from six output attachments for the angle head – three small diameter and three large. Small diameter outputs access bores down to 1.181 in., while the three larger ones go to 1.575 in. These measurements include a clamped cutting tool with minimal projection length, and both diameter classes offer an output attachment with a maximum depth of the cutting tool centerline at 4.921 in.

The Slender Drive’s maximum speed is 2,000 rpm for drilling and light milling operations. The clamping range for both 40 and 50-taper units runs from 0.118 in. to 0.236 in.

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