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Big and Beefy Horizontal


EC-630 horizontal machining center.

As its largest capacity highproduction machine, Haas Automation’s new EC-630 horizontal machining center boasts a work envelope measuring 40 in. by 33 in. by 35 in. The machine packs a 50-taper geared-head spindle (6,000 rpm), dual pallet changer with 630-mm pallets that handle loads up to 2,645 lb, 50-pocket side-mount tool changer and a built-in 1-degree pallet indexer (a full fourth axis is available). With its two-speed gearbox, the EC-630 pumps out 450-ft-lb of torque.

In other Haas news, the company formally launched its Haas Technical Education Center for Europe. The program aims to create long-term alliances with European vocational training, technical colleges, universities and other manufacturing technology learning institutions.

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