Explore ideas without sketching

Explore ideas without sketching

With VX QuickShapes, users explore basic ideas, assess the practicality of design proposals, and quickly produce variants. No sketches were used to produce these models, yet they are still parametrically controlled.

With VX QuickShapes, users explore basic ideas, assess the practicality of design proposals, and quickly produce variants. No sketches were used to produce these models, yet they are still parametrically controlled.

Incorporated in VX Version 9, VX QuickShapes provides a comprehensive set of 3D-shape commands that lets users produce fast, accurate parametric shapes without having to initially define a base sketch. Designers quickly define and explore ideas at the concept stage and then develop the best ones into more detailed models. Also, mechanical engineers can swiftly put together the building blocks of a structure or mechanism, considering component assembly layout, build, and part interaction without unnecessary details. Volumes, positioning dimensions, and overall containment sizes are explorable in concept studies and "what-if" scenarios.

VX Corp.
Palm Bay, Fla.

Reducing cutter direction leads to high feedrates

To achieve high, constant feedrates, EdgeCAM's trochoidal milling minimizes changes in the cutting direction.

With a new intelligent option that inserts trochoidal moves where required, EdgeCAM Version 8.5 delivers fast roughing cycles to improve efficiency for machining parts in the shortest possible time.

The trochoidal milling approach minimizes changes in the cutting direction, resulting in high, constant feedrates for faster material removal. In addition, this approach extends tool life by avoiding tool load, and it automatically adjusts the toolpath for safe and efficient machining.

Version 8.5 also incorporates adaptive roughing for more flexibility in deciding the order of manufacture and support rationalization. This lets the user machine any roughing toolpath on the same CPL and pick the toolpath to rough-cut directly from the model.

Pathtrace Systems Inc.
Southfield, Mich.

Identify and evaluate defects

Inspect 3.0 software collects, analyzes, and reports defect-related data in applications where part and assembly defect information is critical to the production of quality parts. The software quickly finds, flags, and records defects for reworking purposes. In addition, an optional automated routing for a rework function is available.

With its easy-to-use operator interface, Inspect software displays digital images of parts or assemblies to be inspected and uses simple touch-screen tools to identify and evaluate defects. The software runs on a DataMyte Industrial Data Assistant tablet as a terminal services application, which provides an ideal mobile solution for remote plant-floor inspections or yard audits. With IDA radio frequency cards, users send and receive information from anywhere on a wireless network. Data stored in a SQL database is available for immediate access from any web browser via reporting software. The software also includes defect-reporting tools and an interface to e-mail, along with paging capabilities, and other electronicnotification tools.

ASI DataMyte Inc.
Royal Oak, Mich.

No need for secondary operations

By generating a toolpath based on the part model's surface, SurfCAM's 3D Offset Finishing creates a uniform toolpath finish.

Adding to SurfCAM's suite of machining operations, 3D Offset Finishing creates a uniform toolpath by generating it based on the part model's surface — conforming the motion to be parallel to the model. This results in a superior finish across the entire model and reduces secondary operations for finishing the part. Furthermore, it reduces overall cycle time because by delivering consistent cutter-chip loads, allows programmers to dramatically increase cutter speeds and feeds.

"We use 3D Offset Finishing for just about every project we do," says Kurt Kimberling, D8 Inc., Potlatch, Idaho. "Prior to its release, we had to program one surface at a time and frequently found a visible line where the tool stopped cutting. Now we program multiple surfaces in one operation, eliminating the need for surface-edge blend out."

Surfware Inc.
Westlake Village, Calif.

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