Agile Machine Tender

Agile Machine Tender

IRB 6620

IRB 6620 machine-tending robot.

Touted as the most versatile machine-tending robot on the market, the 6-axis IRB 6620 robot from ABB Robotics combines compactness, flexibility and agility with the company’s collision-resistance and low maintenance costs. The robot mounts in four positions – floor, tilted, inverted or shelf – and takes up about half the space of normal-size units. Its size allows shops to significantly reduce the physical lengths of production lines for lower overall investment costs.

Weighing only 900 kg and easily moved with a standard forklift truck, the IRB 6620 can be placed on top of machines for tending applications. It can work bending backwards, sports a large downward working area, has a reach of 2.2 m and handles payloads up to 150 kg.

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