MAG Re-Tools Services, Capabilities for Machines’ New Demands

Aug. 28, 2014
Machine tool designer and builder MAG is expanding its retooling capabilities and service as an extension of machine and system retrofit services.

Machine tool builder claims it is “perfectly geared up” to prepare manufacturers’ rebuilt machine tools to meet changing expectations of precision and productivity.

Machine tool designer and builder MAG is expanding its retooling capabilities and service. As an extension of machine and system retrofit services, MAG is offering retooling for its Boehringer, Ex-Cell-O, Cross Hüller and Lamb brands, mainly, but for other brands too — meaning that the machines are not only refitted with state-of-the-art technology but also are equipped to meet increased productivity requirements.

Following a complete overhaul or rebuild, MAG retools the machine, either at its own manufacturing site in Göppingen, Germany, or on-site at the customer's location. The updated machine is improved with more powerful drives and spindles, and better tool handling capabilities. It may even be able to handle completely different feed rates and machining options: a machine that was previously used only for traditional machining methods may now be equipped for high-speed cutting.

Previously, the tools may have limited the number of workpieces and retooling. But, with a redesign new possibilities are available to the operators. MAG’s designers carefully re-evaluate entire machining process, including NC programs, control, tool supply and travelling distances. The finished-part quality will continue to meet expectations, but the cycle time is reduced and productivity increases.

"After retrofits and rebuilds, we carry out retooling so that manufacturing plants can make the most of their refurbished machine," said Jochen Wiedmann, operations director at MAG in Göppingen. "This makes new procedures and cutting patterns possible which can significantly raise machine efficiency and greatly increase the quantity produced. When we carry out a machine rebuild to process new components, it is fully retooled anyway."

MAG also will conduct extensive work at a customer's premises, for example if the delivery routes for the machine tools are too long and transport would be costly.

The retrofitted machines are equipped with the most appropriate precision tools at the customer's premises, and re-commissioning with new programs and processes is carried out there too.

"To make sure retooling projects do not produce any unexpected follow-up costs, we make sure that all the required information is included right from the start from all the segments concerned," according to MAG sales director Axel Moch. "Transparency and documentation always play an important role for us in the decision-making process and to ensure cost control."