Pre-Engineered Robotic Loading/Unloading

July 9, 2020
The FastLOAD DR2000 can tend three machines simultaneously with a six-axis robot, for common tasks and maximum utilization of shop personnel and capital equipment.

ACIETA, a developer of automated workstation installations, introduced the FastLOAD® DR2000 robotic cell, pre-engineered for the most common machine tool tasks and ready for delivery and installation in as soon as eight weeks. "Companies using the FastLOAD DR2000 typically see a return on investment in 24 months or less because they increase capacity and can reduce the cost per part," according to Mark Sumner, v.p. of Sales and Marketing at Acieta. “It's a low-risk option to invest in automation and address business challenges fast.”

Typically, adopting customized, high-speed automated machine loading demands time and capital investment. The FastLOAD DR2000 is an option for companies looking to maximize efficiency with automation. The installation is easily customizable for a wide range of applications.

The FastLOAD DR2000 has a small footprint, but it can tend three machines simultaneously with a FANUC six-axis robot, so an operator can load and unload parts while the robot is working. In this way, machine shops to leverage existing machines that otherwise may not be operating due to labor shortages.

The FastLOAD DR2000 is ergonomically designed for operator safety. Units are available with multiple drawer options for different part heights. Robots are available with adjustable gripper fingers for picking large part ranges, including outer diameter outer- and/or inner-diameter picking.

Safety area scanners and an intuitive touchscreen interface will allow workers to operate efficiently and safely.

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