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IMTS 2012: Lexair Expands Bar Feeder Limits

July 7, 2012
The Upsized Rhinobar adds new dimensions to unattended turning operations.
With a maximum three inch diameter and 12 foot length, Lexair's Rhinobar bar feeder promises increased efficiency, quality and labor utilization for turning operations with larger diameter bar stock.

Lexair Inc. will be showcasing its upsized Rhinobar bar feeder, which promises increased efficiency, quality and labor utilization, at this year's International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago.

With a 3-inch diameter and measuring 12-feet in length, the feeder responds to the industry's call for innovations allowing unattended machine operations for longer, larger bar stock. It also expands the capabilities of newer lathes with integral spindle motors that are unable to support longer stock from a magazine loader, the company said.

The Rhino bar features a single-tube, muzzle-loading design equipped to handle round, hexagonal, square and asymmetric bar stock. This makes the machine ideal for CNC lathes manufacturing auto parts, hydraulic cylinders, medical devices, firearm pieces, motor shafts and other related components, said the company.

The hydrodynamic design of the Rhinobar features a pressurized oil bath to center and stabilize the bar stock while also cushioning it to eliminate whip and dampen vibration. In conjunction with a support bushing in the oil recuperator -- which works with a dynamic bearing mounted pusher cone that maintains contact with the bar chamfer -- the Rhinobar promises higher turning speeds for shorter cycle times with minimal vibrations and noise.

The company also noted that the thick-walled outer barrel is held in place at the front of the machine with a single clamp to help further cut vibration and control z-axis motion. It also features a handheld pendant that allows an operator to control the feed remotely, while an end-of-bar signal and automatic retraction of the pusher ensures high efficiency with minimal labor.