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IMTS 2012: CNC Software's Mastercam X6 Brings New Control to 3D Toolpaths

July 14, 2012
With New blade experts and 3D high speed toolpaths, X6 promises improved machine control and more efficient tool utilization.
The Mastercam X6 Blade Expert add-on is an automated toolpath generation routine, which simplifies the toolpath creation process in order to eliminate guesswork and minimize the need for extra geometry creation.

CNC Software's latest release — Mastercam X6 machining software – is promising to make a strong showing at IMTS this year with a suite of new capabilities designed to simplify and improve the machining process.

One critical component of these expanded capabilities is the Mastercam Blade Expert — a software add-on that greatly simplifies the tool path creation process for any multi-blade parts, said the company. With automatic tool axis control for smoother machine motion and a variety of multiaxis roughing strategies available, the software provides limitless programming capabilities for blades, splitters or sub-splitters.

For smaller-scale projects, X6 also includes the new Mastercam Swiss Expert for control of Swiss-style NC machines for extremely small but precise parts. Supporting an unlimited number of axes and channels and providing realistic simulation of the entire machine, the Swiss Expert has become especially popular among watch-makers and medical device, dental, automotive and electronics companies.

Additionally, X6 includes new 3D high speed toolpath software for optimized roughing motion during rest milling operation. Combined with upgraded stock model creation capabilities and hybrid toolpaths, the software allows users to maintain Z level cuts in steep parts while filling in hallow areas with scallop motion within a single Z section. The result is a much better finish and more efficiently tool usage, said the company.