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Government Matters

Free Trade Or Bust?

May 10, 2007
This will be a particularly interesting spring for those who follow the politics of trade. There will be attempts by the United States Trade Representative to revive the Doha ...
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Government Matters

The Economic Consequences Of Export Controls

April 20, 2007
Export controls make sense to those who are concerned about the United States losing its technological edge over potential adversaries because America depends upon its technological...
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Why We Shouldn't Have To Throw Mama From The Train'

March 22, 2007
Everything comes to a head in 2010, so I can't understand why so many people want to run for president. It will be nothing but headaches." That was the analysis of Senator Max...
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Government Matters

With New China Regulations, What Do We Gain?

Feb. 20, 2007
China is by far the largest machine tool market in the world. Although the final numbers are not in, it is likely that machine tool acquisitions by Chinese companies were three...
Government Matters

Regulatory Symbolism in the "China Catch-All" Proposal

Jan. 24, 2007
BY DR. PAUL FREEDENBERGVice President-Government Relations AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology The comment period on the proposed "China Catch-All" regulation has...
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The Manufacturing Czar Deals With Unrest

Aug. 17, 2006
In answer to complaints that manufacturing was the forgotten sector in the U.S. economy, President Bush promised to appoint a "manufacturing czar" in December 2003. Manufacturing...
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Winning on Details, Losing on Policy

July 5, 2006
By the time that you read this column, it is likely that the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security will have issued a new version of the socalled "China Catch-...
Government Matters

How Useful is the Export-Import Bank?

June 6, 2006
BY DR. PAUL FREEDENBERGVice President-Government Relations AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, I WAS the staff director of the Senate Banking...
Government Matters

Changing Places

May 9, 2006
THE UNITED STATES AND THE People's Republic of China have not yet reversed their positions in the world manufacturing hierarchy, but the trend lines are not good. In 2006, China...