Eliminate Labor Costs. Minimize Cycle Times. Maximize Throughput.

Sept. 11, 2005
Do this and you can compete anywhere.

Joe Norwood
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Chiron America

Through the use of ingenuity, focus and quality equipment, manufacturers can and will achieve their productivity goals and compete successfully in the international marketplace. CHIRON uses these qualities everyday in an effort to help manufacturers stay ahead of the game with "cost per piece" solutions, specialized system turnkeys and new products. Because we believe that better productivity on the shop floor begins with the right solution, CHIRON America, Inc offers manufacturers the ability to work with our engineers on the most efficient, economical and state of the art solution.

Sounds impossible? Not really. The critical element is focus. Today's manufacturing systems need to be adapted to the process not reworking the process to utilize the equipment. This is not a new concept but rather a principle that has been lost in the universal preoccupation of capital cost reduction and manufacturing flexibility. We tend to focus more on the investment cost than the payback.

Focus. This is the epitome of lean manufacturing. It allows us to minimize the impact of low cost international manufacturers principal asset - cheap labor. Focus maximizes the utilization of our capital assets, which in turn reduces the manufacturing overhead.

Focus enforces adaptations to the process system to provide higher quality, better accuracy and constant reliability to compete worldwide. Finally, focus allows manufacturers to subcontract responsibility for production achievement, thereby reducing the risk of supply and concentrate on profitability.

By convincing manufacturers to focus on the task at hand (e.g. putting together the best solutions for each specific project) rather than rationalizing compromise, which may result in an okay solution, we achieve the most competitive result possible to combat the evergrowing competition.

At CHIRON, we focus on adapting our core products to meet the customer's product, accuracy and throughput requirements. Single and multiple spindle machining centers, customer workholding, special tooling, specialized machines, systems design and integration and on site production support are all available to assure that our customers meet their production needs. If capital outlay is a concern, CHIRON offers programs in which customers can pay for systems on a "cost per piece" basis, thereby minimizing their cost of production as well as eliminating the need to enter this capital on the balance sheet.