A Few Cool Tips

A Few Cool Tips

Put a big magnet in a plastic bag and drop it in a machine’s coolant tank near the pump to attract chips. I remove the bag about once a week and clean it.

If you are getting too much pressure from a coolant pump, don’t restrict it. Instead, I put a recirculating line near the pump outlet to divert some of the flow back to the reservoir.

To service several machines that are in close proximity to each other, I use a plastic food stuff barrel (about 35 gallons) to dispense coolant.

Tramp oils cause coolant to go rancid. To prevent this, you can use a skimmer, or what also works is an aquarium bubbler. While the bubbler may not work as well as a skimmer, its bubbles produced keep the oil from covering the surface of the coolant and cutting off oxygen. Lack of oxygen is what triggers bacteria growth.

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