West Coast coating center

West Coast coating center

Index for February '03—January '04

Customers of Crystallume PVD in the western U.S. are served by the company's Northern California facility. Crystallume PVD coatings for cutting tools, medical parts, forming tools, and semiconductor applications include titanium nitride, zirconium nitride, chromium nitride, titanium carbonitride, and aluminum-titanium nitride.

Crystallume PVD
Santa Clara, Calif.

Drills for difficult materials

The KUB Centron V46/V47 family of drills, featuring design improvements for increased concentricity, tackles difficult materials or interrupted cuts. Pilot-drill life is improved by 25 X.

A gentle transition from the chip space in the drill head to the basic element is provided along with a newly designed connection between the drill head and basic element for high torque and efficiency. Direct application of coolant onto the face of the tool ensures optimum cutting-edge coolant supply.

Komet of America Inc.
Schaumburg, Ill.

Acquisition creates U.S. milling-systems source

With its acquisition of Widia, Kennametal is the U.S. manufacturer and supplier of the company's tooling and technology. Kennametal's offering includes Widia's lines of insert grades and geometries, crankshaft and camshaft-machining products, and oil and gas threading products. Widia products available through Kennametal include M750 HexaCut face-milling cutters, M660 end-mill and face-milling systems, M680 square-shoulder-milling systems, and M100 die/ moldmilling systems.

Kennametal Inc.
Latrobe, Pa.

Saw blades for thin aluminum and steel

M.K. Morse has 10-in. carbidetippedcircular-saw blades — one for thin steel and one for thin aluminum. The Metal Devil blades for cutting thin steel have 52 teeth with 0° rake for increased cutting area, and the blades for cutting aluminum have 80 teeth with a 7° rake for increased forward cutting action. The blades run up to 5,200 rpm for steel and up to 5,500 rpm for aluminum.

M.K. Morse Co.
Canton, Ohio

Insert coating for cast iron

Seco-Carboloy's TX 100 coating is for machining gray, ductile, and malleable cast iron. According to the company, tests show a 40% increase in machining speed and 4 longer tool life compared with other cast iron grades.

TX 100 is available in a range of insert shapes and geometries, including CNMG and WNMG in MR7 geometry, for automotive, foundry, and agricultural applications.

Seco-Carboloy Inc.
Warren, Mich.

Hollow mills for screw machines

Somma Tangi-Square hollow mills, with inserts that cut tangentially instead of radially, are for Davenport, CNC, and other screw machines.

One set of three insert slides turns diameters from 1/8 to 3/8 in., and another set turns diameters from 3/8 to 5/8 in. Insert slides are interchangeable, and inserts have four right-hand cutting edges repeatable within 0.0001 in. Somma hollow mills can be supplied with coolant attachments.

Somma Tool Co.
Waterbury, Conn.


Index for February '03—January '04

February.....$125,288,689 .......112.9% August........$116,382,313 .......106.8%
March ........$134,260,197 .......122.1% September...$125,456,973 .......115.4%
April...........$123,526,680 .......112.9% October ......$132,331,224 .......121.3%
May............$119,703,248 .......110.0% November ..$116,384,449 .......107.1%
June............$123,443,633 .......113.6% December ...$121,200,994 .......111.7%
July.............$111,215,159 .......102.1% January.......$126,819,295 .......119.2%
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