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VIP, November 2006

VIP, November 2006

November 14, 2006 Newsletter Sponsor

— a leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical machining centers and EDM machines — has announced a new series of online Webinars. Designed for shops of all types and sizes, the seminars are free to anyone who registers. The planned seminars are intended for shops in the automotive, aerospace, medical product and die and mold industries. In addition to metal cutting and die/mold, the seminars will cover new technologies, such as micromachining. Mark Rentschler, marketing manager, says, "Online seminars allow anyone with an Internet connection to attend without losing a day of work."The seminars concentrate on shop efficiency, lean manufacturing, asset utilization, machine tool integration and automation, machine tool technologies, and metal cutting processes. Makino′s application engineers, product managers and guest speakers will give presentations. Click here for more info on upcoming seminars and registration information.

Waterjet Cutting

Combining waterjet cutting with the high precision of a wire EDM delivers rough cutting speeds that are reportedly 20 times faster than speeds that can be attained with other processes. Here is a report on the process that combines these two high-speed machining technologies:
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There are low-cost alternatives to full-sized, dedicated waterjet cutting machines. Read how shops add waterjet cutting capabilities to almost any CNC machine tool to create productive multitasking systems.
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Waterjet cutting can be used to replace costly processes while reducing the need for secondary operations and increasing material utilization. A full report on the capabilities of waterjet cutting is available at:
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Shops that manufacture aerospace parts are discovering that waterjet cutting systems handle more than soft materials. The industry has expanded its use of waterjet cutting to include complete shape cutting in materials, such as stainless steel and titanium, with beneficial results.
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Chillers added to waterjet machines can control thermal expansion of the machine and the workpiece material. However, most importantly, they improve machine positioning accuracy.
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Waterjet cutting quality can be improved even with parts that have varying heights, and when working with warped, stacked, stressed or slightly curved materials.
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Shops are using waterjet cutting to remove bulk material prior to making final cuts with an EDM, and they are decreasing part roughing times by 28 percent.
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Online Product Demonstration

If you are considering a shop management and control solution, take a close look at the industry leader: JobBOSS. Click here to view a FREE 10-minute audio overview or interactive demo.

If you have any questions, you can speak with a JobBOSS representative at 800-777-4334.

Featured Advertiser

Optical Gaging Products, Inc. designs and manufactures precision metrology systems that use video, laser, touch probe, and micro-probes to automatically measure critical dimensions of manufactured parts. With its installed base of 10,000+ systems in 63 countries, OGP provides SmartScope® multisensor metrology systems to help customers in a variety of industries to accurately measure parts of any material, texture, color, and opacity. Click here for more information.

Practical Machinist

Here is a quick taste of what you will find...
From General -- Small vintage mills?
"I recently refurbished a 1953 South Bend 9A lathe and now see the need for a small milling machine... Were there any American made vintage small mills?"
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CNC Machining -- Gravity′s effect on test indicators
"Our moldmaking shop just added our first horizontal mill. I′ve found not all indicators act the same when clocking in a bore. Anyone have some words of wisdom in this area.?"
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From General -- Oil well drill pipe threads
"Can someone explain to me how the tapered threads on drill pipe work?"
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Gas Turbine Users Symposium 2006
November 28-30, 2006
Orlando, FL
Click here for more information.

Decision Tools for a Lean Machining Environment
November 28-30, 2006
Cincinnati, OH
Click here for more information.

Waterjet Cutting Techniques Course
December 11-12, 2006
Tallmadge, OH
Click here for more information.

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