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VIP, April 2006

VIP, April 2006

April 18, 2006

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— a leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical machining centers and EDM machines — has announced a new series of online Webinars. Designed for shops of all types and sizes, the seminars are free to anyone who registers. The planned seminars are intended for shops in the automotive, aerospace, medical product and die and mold industries. In addition to metal cutting and die/mold, the seminars will cover new technologies, such as micromachining. Mark Rentschler, marketing manager, says, "Online seminars allow anyone with an Internet connection to attend without losing a day of work."The seminars concentrate on shop efficiency, lean manufacturing, asset utilization, machine tool integration and automation, machine tool technologies, and metal cutting processes. Makino′s application engineers, product managers and guest speakers will give presentations. Click here for more info on upcoming seminars and registration information.

Practical Machinist

Here is a quick taste of what you will find...

From CNC Machining -- Starting a CNC Shop

"Wondering how you people got your shops started (those of you that are owners)? More to the point, how'd you make the jump to afford that first machine?..."

Join the discussion and read the answers... Click here.

From CAD/CAM -- Any OneCNC'ers using it for mold & die?

"Are there any users in the UK or anywhere using the the XR2expert for mold & die work. We are looking at the system but seeing as they do not have a demo version , the only way we can make some kind of decision is to kindly ask it's users..."

Join the discussion and read the answers... Click here.

From EDM Machining -- Part location wire EDM

"When it comes to wire EDM, I am a total newb. I wanted to know how you guys locate the parts origin..."

Join the discussion and read the answers... Click here.

Online Product Demonstration

If you are considering a shop management and control solution, take a close look at the industry leader: JobBOSS.
Click here
to view a FREE 10-minute audio overview or interactive demo.

If you have any questions, you can speak with a JobBOSS representative at 800-777-4334.

Tech Zone of the Month

WORKHOLDING AND TOOLHOLDING features category-specific sections called Tech Zones, that include articles, products, supplier information, and more organized by key topics.


April 24-26, 2006
Atlanta, GA
Click Here for more information.

Mold Making Expo
April 25-26, 2006
Novi, MI
Click Here for more information.

PMPA National Technical Conference
April 29 - May 2, 2006
Dearborn, MI
Click Here for more information.


Tool Shop Optimization: Why Technology Is Not Enough

Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 2pm EST

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