Software designed to help balance machining centers

Software feature detects imbalances for improving part quality.

Cincinnati Machine ( has developed a software feature that the company says detects imbalance conditions in rotary B-axis tables on its multitasking machining centers. Cincinnati Machine says its Balance Sensor feature is designed to improve machine reliability and maintainability in machining high-quality parts without additional labor. Cincinnati Machine says the software feature uses direct feedback from a machine's controller to sense rotary table, fixture and part imbalances, and is integrated in a Siemens Sinumerik 840D control The feature monitors Z-axis following errors and numerically tracks low frequency (5 hertz or below) irregularities to provide fast and accurate sensing.

In the event of an imbalance, the company says the program makes calculations and generates a graphic display to identify the location of the imbalance, determines a solution and applies compensating weight to correct the problem. According to the company's engineers, the ability to monitor and correct table imbalances is essential to maximize machine tool efficiency. The engineers are also applying the technology to Giddings & Lewis vertical turning lathes.

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