Seco Carboloy develops atomic deposition process for inserts

Chicago, Sept. 6, 2006 – Seco announced at IMTS that it has developed what it calls a “revolutionary” way to produce coatings on tool inserts that uses new processing methods and crystallographic control to manipulate coatings at the atomic level.
The company is calling the process “ DurAtomic,” and said it grew out of Seco’s search to develop a cutting tool grade with a new level of wear resistance and toughness, characteristics that have always been diametrically opposed.
” DurAtomic coating structure is much more durable because it features a unique combination of these two important parameters. This leads to increased productivity, reliability, and improved surface finish,” the company said in a prepared release.
The process alters the formation of crystals of aluminum oxide that are formed on an insert to provide the improved properties.
Separately, Seco Carboloy announced Wednesday that it will change its name to Seco after Jan. 1, 2007.
Seco launched its new identity program at IMTS 2006, and said the name change “better reflects the company’s global reach, resources, and solutions it offers as one of the subsidiaries of Swedish-based Seco Tools AB.”
Seco Tools purchased the GE Carboloy business in 1987. In conjunction with the introduction of the Seco identity, the corporate name of Carboloy Inc will change to Seco Tools Inc. Seco Tools Inc. will remain part of the Seco Tools

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