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Renishaw invests $12.15 million in Delcam

Delcam ( shareholders have accepted a ≤6.1 million ($12.15 million) investment offer from Renishaw plc ( which represents 20 percent of Delcam’s enlarged capital.

The net proceeds will be used to fund the expansion of Delcam’s business and for further investment in the development, sales and support of Delcam’s range of CAD/CAM software. Renishaw and Delcam have worked together for many years, share common interests in the fields of engineering and metrology, and worldwide have many common customers. It is believed that closer cooperation will enhance the sales of both companies. This will be achieved by initiatives such as the agreement recently entered into by Delcam for the development of software to support the application of Renishaw’s new probes.

Speaking about the investment, Ben Taylor, Renishaw’s assistant chief executive said, “We see particular benefit in the development of software that will enhance our new developments in the fields of dental, medical and precision metrology.”

Delcam chairman Tom Kinsey added, “The directors of both companies believe that closer cooperation will enhance our respective sales and will provide opportunities for developing software to support a

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