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Newport Corporation Forms Fiber Laser Business Group

California based Newport Corporation ( has formed a Fiber Laser Business Group within its Spectra-Physics Lasers Division to lead the corporation’s efforts in fiber laser and amplifier technology development.
The group’s charter is to develop and commercialize products that will incorporate the company’s capabilities in diode lasers, fiber coupling, frequency conversion, optics and photonics packaging.
"As the photonics industry continues to grow, new laser architectures and future products become essential elements in advancing technology roadmaps," said Robert G. Deuster, Newport’s chairman and chief executive officer.
"Fiber-based laser technologies have made significant advances in recent years, driven primarily by research and development efforts in the telecommunications industry. These new fiber-based laser products offer inherent advantages in cost- and performance efficiency, power scalability, reliability and beam quality for some applications. Adding these products to Newport's existing portfolio of diode-pumped solid-state lasers will enable us to address new applications in our existing markets, will play an important role in Newport's growth into new markets, applications and customers, and will add additional breadth to Newport's integrated photonics solutions strategy. Newport's broad product and technology portfolio, extensive experience in applications for science and industry, and global manufacturing and service capabilities provide the foundation required to bring these high-performance products to market in 2007 and beyond," added Deuster.

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