New Design Makes Portable CMM More Accurate

The Absolute Arm “pushes the envelope of what is possible with portable measurement technology,” with notable improvements on larger models.

Hexagon Metrology launched a new-design, portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) arm in the North American market recently, the Absolute Arm, which the developer noted brings some “pioneering advancements” that increase the accuracy of a portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) by up to 23% compared to previous versions. With point repeatability values from 0.016 mm, Hexagon called the Romer Absolute Arm its “most accurate portable measuring arm.”

Other new features of the design include SmartLock technology, which locks the arm securely in its rest position using a simple switch at the base. SmartLock lets the user lock the arm in any intermediate position, making it easier to carry out inspections in limited spaces.

The new version also contains an easy-to-access battery pack to minimize downtime required for battery changes. Absolute encoders will recognize the position of an arm at all times, effectively eliminating the need for complex homing procedures. Automatic probe recognition lets operators change probes very quickly (“within seconds,” according to Hexagon) with no need for recalibration. The new arm’s optional integrated scanning program is factory-calibrated and certified with the arm and scanner as a complete system.

The Romer Absolute Arm is available in seven lengths, from 1.5 m to 4.5 m. “The Absolute Arm was already the most accurate arm on the market, but with advancements in design, the new version is even more accurate than before,” stated Eric Hollenbeck, product manager.

“This pushes the envelope of what is possible with portable measurement technology,” he continued. “The most dramatic improvements will be seen on the larger models, including our 4 m and 4.5 m arms – the largest in the industry.”

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