Korber Schleifring foresees growth ahead in 2006 for its grinding machinery

Korber Schleifring foresees growth ahead in 2006 for its grinding machinery

Hanover, Germany – The eight business units that comprise Körber Schleifring GmbH are positioning themselves so that their parent company becomes known as a primary source for almost every variety of grinding.

Schleifring’s business units provide cylindrical, surface and profile, and tool grinding machinery for metal and wood applications. The business units include Blohm Maschinenbau, Ewag AG, K. Jung GmbH, Mägerle AG Maschinenfabrik, Studer Mikrosa GmbH, Studer Schaudt GmbH, Fritz Studer AG and Walter Machinenbau GmbH.

At a press conference at the EMO 2005 trade show, the chief executive officer of Körber Schleifring said that each of the eight businesses under the company’s wide grinding umbrella focuses on a specific niche, but that each derives economic benefits from the ability to purchase raw materials, components and equipment through a common procurement process. He said the parent company expects revenue growth of about 12% this year, and continued growth through 2006.

While each of the eight business units introduced new machines at the EMO trade show, the highlights of the group’s presentations were a new speed stroke grinding machine introduced by the Blohm business unit and a new machining center designed for hard turning and grinding shafts introduced by the Studer Schaudt business unit.

Blohm’s machine is named “Prokos.” It includes dynamic linear drives for both linear and rotary axes, and a high-speed (to 12,000 rpm) spindle. At the EMO show, the machine was set up to grind the complex geometries of turbine blades, and the company said the machine also is being targeted for machine tool, tooling and bearing applications.

Additional information on the Blohm Prokos machine can be had at the company’s Internet site, www.blohmgmbh.com.

Studer Schaudt has named its new noteworthy machine “Kairos.” The company said the machine is designed to be both a fully capable grinding machine and a multi-functional, precision machining center for small- to medium-sized parts. It is able to process shafts in lengths to nearly 16 inches (400 mm).

The company said combining the grinding and hard-turning processes reduces costs while maintaining precision. The machine is being targeted primarily for the automotive industry, the company said.

Additional information about the Kairos machine is available at www.schaudt.com

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