IMTS 2012: Siemens Emphasizing Machine Tool Productivity

The Sinumerik 828D control platform for mid-range machine tool operation is suited to single-part and small-batch production, and now can be optimized for turning and milling with the Sinumerik 828D BASIC T and BASIC M programs. The platform is supported by the Sinumerik Operate graphical user interface, which is capable of full graphical, high-level language command and supports ISO programming. Programming time for small-batch production can be reduced using the ShopMill and ShopTurn graphical workstep programming system, while high-level language programming can be used in conjunction with programGuide to reduce programming times for large-scale serial production.
Taking “Productivity in Motion” as its theme, Siemens reports it will introduce new solutions and services for machine tool manufacturers and end-users — including turnkey applications for job shops and specialty parts (aerospace, automotive, mold/die and medical) manufacturing.

The developer will introduce and demonstrate a shop-floor CNC specifically designed and engineered for the 230V, three-phase economy-priced market, with up to three-axis plus spindle control capability in milling or turning applications. It is offered as a package with Siemens Sinamics drives and Simotics motors, and will be available for both OEM machine builds and in-the-field retrofit.

For the job shop — New extensions to Sinumerik 828D, introduced at IMTS 2010, will be demonstrated. It is capable of full graphical, high-level language command and supports ISO programming. It is ideal for single-part and small-batch production. Programming time can be reduced further for small-batch production by using ShopMill and ShopTurn graphical workstep programming system, while high-level language programming can be used in conjunction with programGuide to significantly reduce programming times for large-scale serial production.


The Sinumerik 828D BASIC T (turning) and BASIC M (milling) expand the range of Siemens CNC to enhance job shop performance in all segments of this market. The Sinumerik 828D BASIC T addresses the needs of shopfloor turning machines because it combines CNC, PLC, operator panel and axis control for five axes/spindles, including live tooling, so milling and drilling operations for face and peripheral surfacing are possible on a turning machine.

The Sinumerik 828D BASIC M class performs like the T class, but for milling machines. Even in complex moldmaking operations, “mirror-smooth surfacing and reduced machining times are enabled,” Siemens reported.

Included with this expansion of the Sinumerik 828D family of CNC, modern PC and mobile phone technology are also available to the mid-range machine tool. Extensive online help animations and a new type of input prompting system with moving picture sequences provide the basis for exceptional user convenience. USB, Compact Flash (CF) card and Ethernet ports enable high-speed data transfers onto storage media or integration of the control system into corporate networks.

Advancing standard for CNC — A series of advances in Siemens’ industry-standard Sinumerik 840D sl CNC will be demonstrated. The universal control platform offers a comprehensive range of functions for machine tools, and covers a wide range of processes —turning, drilling, milling, grinding, laser machining, nibbling and punching — and it can be used in multi-tasking machines such as turn-mill or mill-turn centers, too.

Sinumerik Operate is the graphical user interface that provides an integrated milling function for turning machines or integrated turning function for milling machines. With modern touchscreen operation, the new Sinumerik operator panel OP 019 (extended to include the new Power Control Unit 50.5), allows high-speed key actuation at the large 19-inch glass front, which conforms to the IP66 protection rating. Another new feature of the OP 019 design is the wide LEDs, which allow operators to see clearly every key actuation, and an integrated key lock helps safeguard against operating errors. The new operator panel is able to provide a basic machine display with three or four channels showing up to 13 axes.

Solutions for aerospace — For the aerospace market, Siemens will demonstrate how the Sinumerik 840D sl CNC increases performance and user productivity. It is a universal and flexible CNC system featuring the innovative Sinamics S120 drives that can be used with up to 31 axes. It is a distributed, scalable, open and inter-connecting system, offering a wide range of specialized functions for milling, drilling, turning, grinding and handling technologies, with full kinematic transformations for optimum machining and surface quality. It offers features that increase productivity on the manufacturing floor, notably for high-speed and five-axis machining.

“Connectivity is the watchword in aerospace,” according to the developer. Machine builders and end users alike can enjoy full and seamless connectivity of their CNC and PLC technologies, plantwide and worldwide among facilities, as Siemens provides its international network of support to all facilities, in all operating and conversational languages. Hardware and software solutions from a single source are available, to the scale and scope needed by any aerospace OEM or tier vendor.

Solutions for automotive— For automotive machining, Siemens is enhancing its offerings the Transline System Solution. This system integrates diverse metalcutting technologies (e.g., milling, drilling, turning and grinding, and the assembly of powertrain parts) under common system architecture. With the introduction of the Flexible Assembly Configuration System (FACS), Siemens also has streamlined line changeover world.

Based on the new Sinumerik 840D sl, Simatic PLC and Simotics motor technologies, the Transline solution line promotes the concept of “productivity in motion” into a real-world application for total factory automation: machine tool users benefit from faster start-up times, better equipment serviceability and increased productivity. Operator cross-training and workcell operation are further enhanced.

Also, Siemens will display its Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) services, Siemens Safety Integrated, and other production network offerings. TIA Portal, enables the design and configuration of all process automation from a single computer screen, along the entire process supply chain. Siemens Safety Integrated for Factory Automation comprises advanced drive technologies, automation systems, operator control and machine monitoring, fail-safe communications and safe industrial control advancements.

SinuTrain, the Siemens package of CNC training software on CD-ROM, provides milling and turning machine operators with a high degree of practical hands-on experience, prior to using the CNCs on their actual machines. It is designed to run on Windows XP or Windows 7 operating systems and is the optimal solution for machine tool control-identical simulation training. It installs and operates with less memory, so other work can easily be accomplished during simulation of the machining.

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