IMTS 2012: Servo Honing with a 60-in. Stroke

The SV-560 honing system is designed for automated bore-geometry correction, producing highest dimensional accuracy available. A choice of configurations allow the best fit-to-part size/weight.

The Sunnen Products SV-560 vertical CNC honing system combines a 60-inch (1,524-mm) stroke and 20-hp (15-kW) spindle for bores up to 12 inches (300 mm) diameter or larger, depending on the application. It’ able to use legacy tooling from Sunnen GH-210 and SV-3/SV-4 machines, and reportedly is ideal for low to mid-volume machining of oil and gas industry components, such as gas compressors, liner hangers, telemetry units, valves, pump liners and similar parts.

The SV-560 reportedly produces the highest accuracy and surface finish specs available, including whole-bore, constant crosshatch, using three-axis servo control of spindle rotation, stroke and tool feed. Its patent-pending, synchronized servo axes eliminate the "flattening" of the crosshatch angle that is inherent at the stroke-reversal points for other honing machines. The operator also has the option to virtually eliminate crosshatch if required.

An electromechanical design, the SV-560 delivers servo-accurate performance that remains consistent over time, eliminating the drift inherent to hydraulic machines. Its patent-pending servo-stroking system brings a new level of automation and simplicity to honing complex parts and defects, such as those with interrupted, tandem, blind or geometrically flawed bores. New capabilities include automatic geometry correction and auto-dwell for bore straightness, ideal for use in blind bores. Vertical spindle orientation makes the machine ideal for interrupted bores, where the weight of the tool and drive shaft on a horizontal hone increase the potential for washout around ports.

Equipped with the fastest, most precise linear tool feed on the market, the SV-560 is designed to correct bore geometry and size automatically, while producing a user-specified crosshatch angle and surface finish, end-to-end, throughout a bore. Designed for bore diameters up to 12 inches (300 mm) or larger, the SV-560 offers faster throughput, tighter process control, and numerous options. Its potent 20-hp (15 kW) spindle permits high stock removal rates on tough materials, such as titanium and compacted graphite iron. Standard spindle speed is 0-300 rpm, with options of 0-600 and 0-1200 rpm, and a maximum stroke rate of 90 ft/min (27.4 meters/min.)

The versatile SV-560 comes standard with a malleable-iron, T-slot base just above floor level. It can also be configured with various workholding and table options at waist height. Sunnen system-engineers each machine as an optimized processing package, complete with custom guarding, custom risers and fixturing, tooling, abrasives, gauging and coolants, as required by the application. The open base of the SV-560 allows easy pass-through of large parts and makes the SV-560 highly adaptable for parallel manufacturing in a lean environment. Stainless steel guarding all around is maintenance free. Fast changeover maximizes machine uptime and output – most tools can be changed in a few minutes.

To realize highest unmanned processing efficiencies, the SV-560 can be equipped for in-process air gauging with Sunnen's PH hone head – or with post-process air gauging. PH tools are designed to produce optimum straightness and roundness with multiple stone configurations. They are generally designed with diamond or CBN metal-bond abrasives, specifically engineered for a given application. A plug gage shutoff is also available for processes that do not require the feed back or precision of air gauging.

Setup is fast and easy, all handled from the front of the machine without raising a cover. An intuitive interface and advanced Windows®-based PC control simplifies the honing process to allow anyone with multi-axis experience to run the machine like an expert.

The SV-560 provides great cost, size and flexibility advantages over hydraulic honing systems of comparable capacities. Vertical design conserves shop floor space. The machine measures 87×81×89.5 inches (2,210×2,056×2,275 mm) without coolant tank. A robust cast iron base provides excellent vibration damping and long life.

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