IMTS 2012: GibbsCAM's Next-Generation MTM Capabilities

GibbsCAM simplifies programming
GibbsCAM simplifies the programming of complex MTM machines, such as this configuration showing a part being center drilled on the main spindle as another part is turned simultaneously on the sub-spindle with a tool from the rear gang.

Gibbs and Associates will demonstrate the next generation of its Multi-Tasking Machining programming software and Automated Programming capabilities at the International Manufacturing Technology Show, September 10-15. Always focusing on helping customers to program parts quickly, accurately and efficiently, the next generation of GibbsCAM’s MTM solution helps customers use the full capabilities of complex MTM machines, including 5-axis rotary head and Swiss-style machines.

MTM machines pose special challenges to users, Gibbs noted, including programming machines with multiple spindles and turrets cutting multiple parts simultaneously. GibbsCAM’s signature easy-to-learn and to use interface ‘walks’ customers through such complex part programming, according to the developer. High-resolution graphics help users to see an accurate simulation of the part being machined, providing full visualization of errors like tool interference and gouges long before the part gets to the shop floor, preventing costly mistakes.

Also exhibited will be GibbsCAM’s newest improvements in Automated Programming, including the introduction of “smart features.”

Smart features help users to program parts faster by retaining data about the feature itself, including depths, clearances and feature types (pocket, boss, slot, etc.) Customers can create automatic processes for different features, which will quickly and automatically create programs to customer specifications. Improvements to the Knowledge-Based Programming capabilities continue to enable customers to automatically program families of parts and parts with similar features.

Also demonstrating recently released GibbsCAM 2012+, Gibbs will be showcasing tremendous speed gains made possible by utilizing multi-core and multi-threading technology. Speed gains of up to 30 times enable customers to realistically render complex parts with startling speed. A leading, best-in-class CAM system, GibbsCAM 2012+ boasts new features and improvements throughout its broad product line.

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