Hardinge in Switzerland

Hardinge in Switzerland

Hardinge's extended family of Swiss grinding machine builders includes L. Kellenberger & Co. AG and HTT Hauser Tripet Tschudin Ltd. Kellenberger, in St. Gallen, specializes in universal cylindrical-type grinders, while HTT in Biel-Bienne manufactures Hauser jig grinders, Tripet I.D. grinders and Tschudin O.D. grinders.

The following photos depict a few highlights of both facilities.

Workhead spindle-bearing assembly for Kellenberger's Kel-Varia and Kel-Viva grinding machines. The workheads feature rotating and fixed spindles.

Kellenberger's CNC-controlled B-axis wheelhead assembly provides simultaneous interpolation of X, Z and B axes, is easily programmed and swivels the wheelhead without danger of collisions. For wheelhead swiveling, Kellenberger offers a special wheel-measuring device that automatically determines the wheel edge (vector) and calculates its positions at any angle.

Kellenberger's training department apprentices students and certifies them after four years.

Hydrostatic slideways deliver such precise machine movement on Kellenberger grinders that shops can traverse grind true tapers with high roundness. Benefits of hydrostatic slideways include no metal-to-metal contact between moving machine parts, no wear, no friction and no reversing errors.

The internal working area of the Kel-Vera, Kellenberger's new compact production grinder. The machine has a 400-mm center distance, 125/175/250-mm center height and 400-mm grinding length. Wheelheads handle external, face and internal grinding, and the machine can be configured as an O.D. production, universal, or chucker-type universal grinder. Other Kel-Vera features include CNC-controlled B axis, in-process measuring, automatic wheel balancing and more.

Bolt-hole patterns in base castings for Tschudin's high-end, high-accuracy and high-production O.D. grinders allow machine wheelheads to be set straight or at an angle.

High-accuracy Hauser jig grinders in the assembly stage at HTT's facility.

Tripet internal grinders are built for high-accuracy, high-production work.
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