Georgia Institute of Technology and IronCAD sign research deal

IronCAD, LLC ( , a provider of 3D design productivity products, has signed an agreement with the Georgia Institute of Technology ( to sponsor research into visibility-based visualization of highly complex CAD models.
Professor Jarek Rossignac, a 25-year veteran of solid modeling and interactive graphic development, will direct the research. Rossignac was the founder and chair of the Solid Modeling Association and of the ACM Solid Modeling Symposia.
"Our plan is to look into how information from a 3D model can be extracted to help form 2D representations," said Rossignac, "We want to help improve the speed of calculation as well as the quality of the data extracted," he continued.
Georgia Tech and IronCAD collaborate frequently through 3D teaching and technology programs.
"We're happy to help support Georgia Tech's group of talented researchers in the areas of visualization and geometric modeling. Georgia Tech's proximity to our main office affords IronCAD a close relationship with staff and it's our hope their findings can bring great advancement to 3D CAD systems," said Tao-Yang Han, president of IronCAD.
In addition to money, IronCAD has also donated multiple licenses of IronCAD and TeamVault, IronCAD's document management software.

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