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Direct drives deliver speed

Direct drives deliver speed

Yamaha Robotics
Yamaha Robotics increased the speed of its YK600XGH Scara robot.

The YK600XGH Scara robot, from Yamaha Robotics ( now moves a lot faster. Direct drives on all its axes increase maximum operation speeds 27 percent in X and Y axes, 26 percent in Z axis — for 200-mm (7.87 in.) stroke — and 41 percent in the R axis over its predecessor model.

The unit weighs 48 kg (105.82 lb) with a 200-mm (7.87 in.) Z axis or 50 kg (110.23 lb) with a 400-mm (15.75 in.) Z axis, and it maintains a payload of 20 kg (44.1 lb).

The robot’s lightweight and compact design provides implementation flexibility. Less weight and a motor shorter in overall length make the unit the shortest in height in its class. It also positions to an XY accuracy of +/- 0.02 mm (0.0007874 in.).

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