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After 86 years, Yamazaki Mazak sees continued growth

After 86 years, Yamazaki Mazak sees continued growth

Hanover, Germany – Yamazaki Mazak Corporation has seen its sales increase in 2005, and expects additional increases in 2006. Europe and the U.S. each account for about 30% of the corporations sales, while Japan and Asia account for the remaining 40%.

Brian Papke, president of Mazak Corp., the U.S. manufacturing arm of the Japan-based company, said at a press conference at EMO 2005 that the corporation is not expecting significant growth in Europe outside Germany in 2006, but added that the company does foresee markets in Asia continuing to bolster sales through next year. He noted that sales in France and the United Kingdom are expected to be good because of continued strength in the aerospace industry there, but that he expects sales in Italy to be stagnant.

Mazak, which is celebrating its 86 th anniversary, claims to be the world’s largest provider of CNC machining and turning centers. It produces more than 5,000 machine tools each year, and exhibited 26 of its machines Sept. 14 through 21 at EMO.

Mazak exhibited a broad range of technologies, from its own, sixth-generation CNC controller, the new “Mazatrol Matrix” that the company says is the most advanced CNC system available, and the Hyper Gear-510 high speed laser profiling machine, to the five-axis capabilities of the Vortex-1400 II vertical machining center designed for high-efficiency in machining large production parts.

The company also exhibited its new ultra-narrow line of machines that Papke said have the smallest footprint of any machines with which they compete designed for the specified sizes of work pieces. For example, he said Mazak’s UN-400 has the smallest footprint for any machine designed for components up to nearly 16 inches (400 mm) in diameter.

Additional information on Mazak’s exhibitions at the EMO 2005 show can be seen at the company’s web site,

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