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Dual-Chamber Bench Furnace

Dual-Chamber Bench Furnace

Grieve Corp. ( developed a dual-chamber bench furnace designed for heat treating applications in a machine shop, and other shops.

The 886 furnace is a dual-chamber electric bench furnace that comprises an upper chamber with operating temperatures to 2200°F and lower chamber with operating temperatures to 1250°F.

Workspace dimensions of this unit measure 12 in. by 24 in. by 12 in. in the upper chamber and 12 in. by 20 in. by 12 in. in the lower chamber. Heat is provided by 40 kW installed in nickel chrome wire coils supported by ceramic plates, with 20 kW in each chamber.

Heat resistant alloy recirculating blowers, powered by 1/2-HP motors, provide horizontal front-to-rear airflow in each chamber.

Each furnace chamber has 6 in. thick walls made from 2 in. of 2300°F ceramic fiber and 4 in. of block insulation.

Ceramic hearth plates support the workload in each chamber, and both heating chambers have individual digital programming temperature controllers.

A Partlow MCR5000 2-pen cirular chart recorder tracks the temperature in both chambers.

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