Compact laser marking unit

Compact laser marking unit

compact TF420 laser marking unit

A new compact TF420 fiber laser marking unit from Technifor Inc. is designed to provide high contrast 2D data matrix codes, logos, barcodes, and human readable text at high speeds.

Considered a universal marking system, the TF420 prints on difficult materials such as cast aluminum and carbide while maintaining the precision to mark consumer products like cellular telephones and medical devices.

The compact marking head, about the size of a sheet of paper, is sealed and enclosed in a protective cast aluminum case to allow the system to be mounted in any orientation and to adapt to existing situations.

The air-cooled unit uses few optical components. The company said that increases its reliability. The unit also features a longer mean-timebefore- failure of 100,000 hr versus a mean-time-beforefailure of 10,000 hr for diode-pumped models. A personal computer is not required to operate the machine after the marking file has been created. Marking files are created on T700W software in less than five clicks.

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