VOMAT Filtration Systems are available from compact standalone units up to large industrial central systems.

Filter Technology for Clean Grinding Oil

Aug. 31, 2022
Compact, powerful, and energy-efficient systems allow tools to be ground economically and reliably according to increasingly tight tolerance requirements.

The VOMAT exhibit at IMTS 2022 – booth 237475 – will demonstrate how customized grinding-oil filtration systems can clean and maintain accurate temperature for metal coolants, to support economical and reliable, high-quality tool production.  

VOMAT filter systems are recommended for filtering microparticles in lubricants used in processes such as grinding, honing, lapping, and eroding. VOMAT offers high-performance, backflushing cartridge filter systems with highly accurate temperature control, automatically controlled sludge sedimentation, and online monitoring to avoid any shutdowns of the filtration system during production.

A HSS pre-filter can be retrofitted into any VOMAT system due to the modular machine concept. The VOMAT filtration systems range includes stand-alone and whole plant systems and are designed for easy adaptability to customer-specific requirements. With an array of optional add-on equipment, you can expand the systems to ever-changing needs in terms of capacity or product quality.

"The exacting requirements of the metal machining industry in North America regarding quality and cost-effectiveness can be met only through high-performance machine technology and precision tools,” according to Steven Lowery, Oelheld EVP, the official source of VOMAT Filtration Systems in North America.

“This also means customised troubleshooting, flexible services and speedy deliveries,” Lowery continued. “To achieve this, we need to be close to our customers. We meet these high standards. With Vomat ultrafine filtration technology, they have a wide range of high-performance filters at their disposal, which promise productivity, optimize the quality and ultimately increase the profit.”

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