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Ultra-High Precision Optical Spindle Probe

Ultra-High Precision Optical Spindle Probe


Marposs Corp. ( will introduce the Mida OGP70 optical spindle probe for use in very high precision machining centers and milling machines.

The ultra high precision OGP70 optical spindle probe has unidirectional repeatability of 0.1 micron. The company said that is 10 times better than conventional touch-trigger probes and sets a new historical reference in measurement on machine tools.

In the OGP70 unit, the probe is integrated in the transmitter module while measurement data are wirelessly transmitted to the CNC via wireless receiver and interface. The OGP70 touch probe has 360-degree transmission for activation and deactivation and offers a wide transmission angle for installation on a broad range of machine tools. Either of three interface types—RS232, Ethernet or digital I/O—may be used for connecting the Mida OGP70 optical spindle probe to the machine CNC.

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