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Tools for Measuring, Monitoring and Analysis

Tools for Measuring, Monitoring and Analysis


Renishaw ( will introduce a number of new products designed for measuring, monitoring, analyzing and diagnosing machinery actions and production part dimensions. Among the products Renishaw will feature are:

  • A laser interferometer measurement system for machine diagnosis and calibration.
  • A ballbar system for machine tool and motion system analysis and diagnosis.
  • A broken tool detection system.
  • A laser calibration system that is designed to bring greater performance, precision, and portability to manufacturing machinery process validation.
  • A cable-free twin probe system that combines automated part set-up, measurement, tooling setting and broken tool detection.
  • A radio touch probe that is designed for precision in machine tool measurement of 3D part geometries.
  • And, ultra-highspeed, 5-axis scanning technologies.
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