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Tabletop measurement system

Tabletop measurement system

Tabletop measurement system

Hommel-Etamic America’s new measurement system, the Matchscan MS500 Basic, offers swift, high-accuracy dimensional measurement of precision diameters, particularly where a precision fit is essential for correct part function.

The system fits well in applications such as fuel injector assemblies, cam and crank bores in engine blocks, and hydraulic valve assemblies.

The MS500 Basic, a compact table top unit designed to be placed anywhere in the pre- or post- manufacturing line, includes a 17-inch touch screen computer, versatile CMZ32 software for fast, accurate, and automatic measurement with multi-language capabilities, and SPC32 Software which provides statistical process control capabilities for measurement processes.

A measurement process consists of introducing the workpiece into the pneumatic tooling as deeply as possible, then reversing course using a servomotor controller slide. Data acquisition occurs along the entire length of the diameter, which is then analyzed to determine the relevant measurements.

Accurately determining the geometric character-istics of a scanned diameter assures that I.D. and O.D. (male and female) workpieces will fit together correctly throughout the measured zones.

The SPC 32 software can be set up to operate on a computer locally and/or may be setup to run on another computer connected over a network. Multiple workstations may also be connected to a single SPC32 workstation, enabling several process streams to be monitored from a centralized location.

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