Large Capacity Multi-Sensor Vision System

Large Capacity Multi-Sensor Vision System

Large Capacity Multi-Sensor

The L.S. Starrett Company ( will demonstrate the largest video measurement system in its Galileo Line.

The Galileo AV1824 was designed to extend the speed, power and accuracy of the company’s video to larger parts. The company said the new system offers increased versatility through its multi-sensor measuring capabilities including vision, touch probe, and laser scanning, and is designed for QC labs, research, engineering and manufacturing

Its work envelope offers a measurement volume of 24 in. X 18 in. X 6 in. (610 mm X 455 mm X 155 mm) on a (X-Y-Z) measuring stage and a motion volume of 24.2 in. X 18.2 in. X 6.2 in. (615 mm X 460 mm X 160 mm). Maximum workload (evenly distributed) is 220 lbs. (100kg) without translight or 44 lbs. (20kg) with the translight.

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