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[IMTS Preview] Mahr Federal to Feature Enhanced MarCal Digital Caliper Line

[IMTS Preview] Mahr Federal to Feature Enhanced MarCal Digital Caliper Line

Enhanced MarCal Digital Caliper Line

Mahr Federal will be featuring a new generation of its popular line of MarCal digital calipers at IMTS. Included in the line are a number of innovations, such as lapped guideways, a new Reference System that retains the zero position setting, and an increased number of product options and accessories. MarCal digital calipers are available with protection against dust and immersion to class IP67, provide increased battery life, offer a range of data output options, and are available in a wide range of sizes and blade and anvil configurations.

The new Reference System available on MarCal R-designated digital calipers is designed to be a significant time-saver for operators. Unlike older models, which require the zero position to be reset whenever the caliper is switched on, the MarCal Reference System retains the zero setting, so that the unit is ready to measure whenever it is turned on or the jaws are moved. A Reference Lock protects the setting from operator error, and the new Reference System is also much more energy efficient, providing up to 50% longer battery life.

Visit IMTS Booth #E-5048

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