Handheld Machine Vibration and Temperature Monitor

Handheld Machine Vibration and Temperature Monitor

Handheld Machine Vibration

The handheld SKF Machine Condition Advisor has been designed by SKF Reliability Systems to help simplify machine maintenance and prevent costly failures. The SKF MCA monitors the health of bearings used on rotating equipment throughout a shop, such as machine spindles, pumps, fans, motors, compressors, gear boxes, cranes and conveyors. The low-cost unit puts the benefits of machine monitoring within reach of any maintenance and operation team.

By measuring machine vibration and temperature at the same time, the device quickly and accurately assesses the condition of rotating equipment. Easy to use by novice and expert users alike, the SKF MCA makes it easy to implement basic maintenance practices without extensive user training. Suitable for a wide range of industrial rotating machinery, the unit provides early warning of potential problems before failures occur.

“In addition to providing a check on the health of operating equipment, the unit is useful to evaluate the success of maintenance procedures,” pointed out Mark McGinn, managing director of SKF Reliability Systems. “Unfortunately, maintenance on rotating equipment sometimes fails to correct a bearing problem. Vibration testing before and after a maintenance procedure will determine if the procedure was really effective.”

Applications include:

• Medium-sized and electrical machines (160-315mm shaft heights).

• Large-sized and electrical machines (315mm+ shaft heights).

• Multi-vane impeller pumps, integrated drivers, and more.

The SKF MCA is quick and easy to set up and use. Users simply turn the unit “on,” then press the sensor tip against the point to be measured. Once the readings stabilize, users press a button to “hold” the values. The unit displays the values and the user reads and records the measurements. Lightweight, compact, and ergonomically designed, the unit fits neatly in a belt holster, in a pocket or in a toolkit. Durable, the unit is rated IP 54 for use in harsh operating environments.

The SKF MCA provides multiple measurements from one device. The unit simultaneously measures vibration signals from 10 to 1,000 Hz and temperature from -20 C to 200 C (-4 F to 392 F) and displays the values in metric or English on a bright backlit LCD. The SKF MCA is ergonomically designed and uses an environmentally friendly rechargeable lithium ion battery. An optional external vibration sensor with a magnet provides convenience for hardto- reach surfaces, and more repeatable and accurate measurements.

The SKF MCA automatically compares the velocity measurements to pre-programmed International Organization of Standardization (ISO) guidelines, and uses an industryproven Enveloped Acceleration technique to measure vibration against established bearing vibration guidelines. An “Alert” or “Danger” alarm is displayed when measurements exceed those guidelines, indicating potential bearing damage. The infrared sensor simultaneously checks bearing temperature for abnormal heat that may indicate a lubrication problem. These features provide time savings and diagnostic confidence and can improve machine reliability.

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