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Cutting-Edge 3D Inspection System

Cutting-Edge 3D Inspection System

A compact version of GFMesstechnik’s MikroCAD measuring system, available from PAT Gauge Inc., performs a variety of precise 3D-inspection tasks, including measuring both tool height and edge quality in one task. “The ability to measure cutting edge radii, form defects and tool height in less than two seconds makes the MikroCAD Pico a must-have for all tool presetters,” Steve Duffy, president of PAT Gauge, said.

Edge radii are determined by over 100 automatically aligned, sectional planes through a 3D profile data set. This comprehensive evaluation includes single radii, averages, distributions and chipping — parameters important for manufacturing high-quality surfaces.

The system also optimizes cutting speed and minimizes wear and the risk of edge chipping and fractures. This allows for fast machining and low rejection rates, resulting in high efficiency and substantial savings.

The MikroCAD Pico series projects synthetic fringes for a phase-accurate triangulation of the entire measuring field. This method accommodates a large height range at high resolution in a single pass. Also, micro mirror display projection (DLP) and dedicated LED light sources result in precision and stability for all measuring tasks.

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