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Camshaft Inspection Guage for 200 Parts-per-Hour

Camshaft Inspection Guage for 200 Parts-per-Hour

Camshaft Inspection Guage

Adcole Corp. has developed a high-speed, sub-micron accuracy gauge that measures camshafts for rise error and chatter mark detection and features top loading or through-feed bottom loading.

The Adcole 1310 High-Speed Camshaft Inspection Gage is an end-of-line, through-feed machine that can measure as many as 200 parts-per-hour for rise error and chatter marks.

The gauge is designed to be fully automatic. It uses individual measuring heads for each journal and cam lobe, with 0.1-micron resolution, taking one data point each 1/10th degrees, or 36 data points per revolution.

It is capable of measuring 10 or more parameters, including radius, profile, taper, crown, timing angle, diameter, velocity, acceleration, runout, and roundness and concentricity. The gauge is Windows NT compatible and is designed with adjustable followers that permit fast changeover for inspecting different camshafts

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