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Oil a stuck bushing

Oil a stuck bushing

In response to the “Tap a stuck bushing” idea printed in the July, 2007, issue of American Machinist Magazine on pg. 14, I would like to present my method for removing a bushing from a blind hole. I have often used this method, and it works for both hard and soft bushings.

The first step is to determine the I.D. size of the stuck bushing (most bushings will have a standard I.D. size). I then either turn or find a pin close to the I.D. size, fill the bushing hole with oil, and insert the pin into the hole. Lastly, I rap the pin with a hammer. This action creates hydraulic pressure at the bottom of the bushing and forces it out.

John Korson
Traverse City, Mich.

On another note concerning the bushing Practical Idea in the July, 2007, issue, the illustration mistakenly shows the workpiece surface lines extending over the top of the bushing as solid. The surface lines should have been dotted over the bushing O.D. lines.

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